The constant growth featured in the world of fitness has the world craving for better, faster, and stronger. Most of the hype surrounding the industry centers around the personalities that are steadily increasing features behind this style of life. Anllela Sagra is another name to add to the list of fitness personalities that get people up and moving. This Colombian born model has started her own craze of fitness potential with her how-to of all things fitness. This 26-year-old started her journey towards a better, healthier lifestyle during her undergraduate years at the University of Columbia.

She is young bombshell wasn’t really into the whole muscle-toned lifestyle we see spread across social media platforms today. She was mostly inspired to be a fitness personality that would coach others to bring out the best in themselves. After studying in the field, she found great sensation and pride from committing herself to a rigorous diet and a strenuous workout routine. In her country, it is becoming of a woman to have abs and show off her muscles. The Colombian people hold the body of a woman to a standard that didn’t fit the mold for Anllela. Her strive for physical fitness brought her to a crossroads that would forever change her life.

Anllela fully embraced the fit lifestyle, from eating healthy and making sure she trained all parts of her body on a weekly fitness routine. This routine started to turn heads when she reformed the way she looked. Now sporting a 6-pack set of abs and arm muscles that would have men drooling, the young model is truly enabled to embrace the life she wants to lead. With this fame comes a greater sense of responsibility. Anllela is also an advocate for speaking out against the body shamming issue that has plagued our nation. She believes that people should learn how to embrace the skin they were given and work hard to change their habits if they don’t like what they see in the mirror.

Anllela chronicles her journey through a weekly showing on her YouTube channel. This channel holds a library of different series where Anllela explores some of the conventional and non-conventional of the fitness worlds. She takes questions from followers all over the world, providing detailed feedback for how to handle any issue you are confronted with. Her series also detail some of the most specific aspects of her workout routine, such as how to perform an exercise correctly, a detailed look into the muscle science behind an exercise, and how to maintain a system that truly works for you. Her detailed instructional videos are bringing an insight into the homes of a couple hundred thousand different individuals.

Anllela knows we all come from different walks of life, but stringing that together through positive fitness routines can help us all become one. Her motivational strive for excellence keeps her production levels high for fans, always creating relevant content that can be streamed at a moment’s notice. Anllela continues her rise to stardom, but she hopes she can take as many of her fans with her on her climb.