Family members are outraged after an Australian school district chose to rename “grandparents” as “grandfriends,” explaining that some children might not be related to these people in the traditional way. The school’s recent decision to become more inclusive has received backlash from the community, with people calling them out for being “do-gooders” and “offensive”, thinking that there is nothing wrong with the term grandparents.

When schools in New South Wales decided to stop using the term “grandparents” and instead use the more politically correct term “grandfriends,” it shocked many family members. Schools located in Spring Farm, Bradbury, Concord, Drummoyne, Gillieston, Heathcote East, Kiamaakeningg of the term Neutral Bayand Newtown will be affected by the changing times.

The term “grandfriend” began receiving national attention when schools decided to rename “Grandparent’s Day” to the more inclusive “Grandfriend’s Day.” This change aimed to include people who may not have a relationship with their grandparents’ parents.

However, some critics argue that the move to be more inclusive is actually contradictory since it omits “one of the most vital people” in a child’s life. Ian Barnett spoke to Daily Mail expressing his opinion on the changing term as a representative and founder of the National Grandparent Movement located in Australia. He said:

“The implication behind that is of course if grandparents are now grand friends, it means the next logical step is that parents become ‘friends,’” he said to a TV channel. “It’s strange to do it and I don’t know the reasoning behind it either.”

Grandparent’s Day in Australia presents an opportunity for grandparents to visit their grandchildren at school for morning tea or lunch. It’s a day for celebrating the relationships in our lives and spending more time with loved ones.

Some schools have expanded the original initiative by rebranding it “Grandparent’s and Grandfriend’s Day.” However, New South Wales caused controversy when they chose to remove grandparents from the special day altogether.

“I can understand maybe they want to make it easier for others to come on board, but even little ones who have lost their grandparents do have others in their life that take on the role of a grandparent,” Barnett stated. “It’s such a significant phrase and concept and it’s disappointing to actually think that we can no longer use that and we’re changing into something like grand friends.”

Barnett continued, “They understand whether they are actually physically connected to the child or not, they love the fact they can be a grandparent and connect and live out that part of their life.”

The founder of the National Grandparent Movement isn’t alone in his beliefs.

“What a load of rubbish,” one person wrote.

Another said, “I am a very proud grandparent. I am so over all the do-gooders wanting to change history and relationships just to confuse and include and wrap everyone in cotton wool so that they don’t get offended.”

What are your thoughts on the term “grandparent?” Should more people use “grandfriend” instead?