When an outsider contacted Lane, she was unaware of the heartbreaking family history they were about to reveal. The stranger pressed LaneIsCool14 (a name used for her TikTok account) to share this powerful story that had separated her and her mother. After discovering the truth behind their lives together, Lane severed ties with her mom and has no intention of speaking with them again soon.

The stranger contacted Lane on social media, convincing her to take a DNA test. After taking the test, Lane discovered that the man she believed was her father for so long wasn’t related at all! Instead, it was this very same stranger on social media who happened to be Lane’s biological dad – an unbelievable truth that left Lane feeling betrayed and hurt by her mother’s lies over years of deceitful cover-up. In response, she decided to discontinue contact with her mom all together.

“About a year ago now, on January ninth, I get a text message telling me to get a DNA test from Ancestry, and I think it’s fake,” Lane said on TikTok. “I FaceTime my friend, and I’m like, ‘Listen to this.’ And she’s like, ‘I swear my gut is telling me this is real. You need to respond.’”

Lane was taken aback by her friend’s suggestion, yet she decided to answer the man who offered his promise, “this is not a spam message.” The stranger said, “I think it’s really important that you take a DNA test from Ancestry.com and review your DNA matches. Good luck.”

As Lane inquired into the individual’s identity, they responded., “I wish I could say, but it’s best to just let you do the test. Were you able to do it yet?”

Lane said that she had “already done a 23andMe test the year before because it was on sale.”

“I was hoping I was going to find that I was like secretly exotic or related to royalty, but I’m just English and Irish like I thought I was,” she elucidated that the 23andMe test she took did not show her any DNA matches.

Lane was contacted on Facebook by someone who had concealed their identity with a fake account. This person reached out to both Lane and her husband, inviting her to take the Ancestry.com DNA test to uncover any potential uncanny matches.

“You have other family you might not be aware of,” the stranger said without offering any proof. “Obviously, I called my mom immediately, saying, ‘What the f**k,’” stated Lane. When she was merely nine, her parents’ marriage dissolved and their family split apart.

“My mom always told me this story that she was an alcoholic and my dad was a cheater. So, when I called her, she said, ‘I know exactly what you’re talking about. I had an affair.’ I almost fell off my f**king chair. She had an affair with a guy ten years younger than her when she was in college.”

At the time of Lane’s conception, his mother was thirty-five and her lover – who happened to be Lane’s father – twenty-five.

With the Ancestry.com test, Lane was finally able to connect with her biological father.

“So I message him immediately, and he lives in California. He’s British. What the f**k? He said my mom sent him a Christmas card when I was two years old, saying my name in it and that he’s googled my name ever since. In 2007, my name popped up, and he saw a picture of me, and he knew immediately that I was his daughter.”

Lane continued, “So what did he do? He followed me on social media my entire life. He watched me date my boyfriend, get married, have babies, everything, all from the outside, not able to know me.”

Lane has disconnected from her mother, and the individual who brought her up understands that he was not her biological parent.