Finances and economics have long been fundamental keys in life. Its foundations being decision making and economic skill utilization. So, obtaining the proper skills and knowledge of these tools is extremely necessary. Technology such as social media has opened a world of opportunity for us financially. New trends like juicing and healthier eating have made us more aware of the importance of home economics. And our children are leading the way. The world is moving much faster now, and opportunity has never been one for waiting around. Making it all the more necessary to have an understanding of the basics of life much sooner than later. Our goal should always be to prepare our young for the best possible future imaginable and it all starts with economics. Success can become much harder to achieve when our children lack these basic life skills and schools are noticing.

Parents have long been outraged about the school systems lack of basic life skill teachings and have long been a voice for the cause. Children have also grown more concerned with learning these basic principles. They watch their favorite youtuber, who’s the same age as them, achieve fast and early financial success every day and they want it. The ability to make good buying decisions, credit card usage, and understanding interest rates are all necessary skills. They understand the importance of basic economic skills and crave it. After all, wealth and economics go hand in hand, and they know this. Our children are being forced to grow up much faster in present times and are lacking in basic life skills. A concerning issue that schools are planning to do something about. Incorporating home economics into our schools in the attempt to secure a stronger, brighter future for our children. The world is full of as many opportunities as it is of threats and home economics can better prepare our kids for it.

Home economics doesn’t only teach our kids how to cook, it teaches them how to be responsible too. Allowing them to be able to manage their own future household adequately. It can help with cooking, childcare, and money decisions. It allows them to become informed members of the community. It teaches them about health and nutritional issues. Bargain shopping to meet your budget or simply about recycling at home, are all economic skills. The benefits of teaching home economics in school are endless and necessary for success in life. Our children will always be the future, the ones who we depend on to continue our legacy and care for the planet. Schools decision to bringing back home economics is one that is long overdue but well received by all. It will empower our young and allow them a stronger start in life. Given parents a greater sense of peace and teachers the satisfaction of knowing they truly enriched a child’s life. Home economics is as essential as the air we breath and this proves ever so true for a child growing into adulthood. It can not be solely thought at home. Schools will have to play their part as well in helping adapt these skills and they want too.