Most of us drink milk on a regular basis, but we never think about how it got here or where it comes from. Many people make sure that they buy organic milk, but they still do not care much about where the milk came from.

However, there is a photo online that will make people think twice about where their milk is coming from. The photo has several crates in it. The crates are used to house newborn cows.

Many of the baby cows are taken to the farm where they will live. Some of the males are slaughtered after they are born. Other males will be slaughtered for meat later in their life.

The dark side of the dairy industry is something that many people do not want to talk about. However, it is important for people to realize where their food is coming from.

Many of the cows are tortured their entire life. The cows often have three stages in their life. Those stages are pregnancy, milking and death. It is easy to forget about where the meals that we eat every day come from.

However, the food industry has a lot of dirty secrets that they really do not want to reveal to the public.