Robert Downey Jr. isn’t anticipating any compassion from fans astounded by his startling new transformation.

This week, pictures emerged of the 57-year old actor on the set of his new HBO TV series “The Sympathizer”, and he looked entirely unrecognizable.

Marvel’s “Iron Man” used some movie-industry magic to conceal his identity with a bald cap prosthetic and bright red wig for shooting scenes of the top secret project.

Showcasing his red-carpet style, the two-time Oscar nominee for “Chaplin” and “Tropic Thunder” wore classic navy trousers with a complementary pink button-down shirt and maroon jacket.

In October, Robert Downey Jr. stunned his fans when he posted a photo of himself with a freshly shaved head on social media. His two youngest children were the ones to give him the daring new look for an upcoming limited series project! Exton (10) and Avri (8) proudly cut their father’s hair in anticipation of filming.

“The things we do for our work… and our kids. #Sympathizer set ready,” he said on his fun clip.

His kids’ support of their dad getting ready for the show has been heartwarming to witness, and this video showcasing them cutting off his locks has gone viral with over two million likes!

“I don’t want to have to wear a bald cap — so will you guys shave my head?” Downey questioned his kids.

Last November, Robert Downey Jr. made an entry with his newly-buzzed haircut at the “Sr.” screening event.

In July 2021, “The Sympathizer” was announced and it was revealed that he would star in and executive produce the show.

Guided by Viet Thanh Nguyen’s 2015 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name, this project is sure to be a success!

Set during the closing days of the Vietnam War in 1975, this show follows the extraordinary story of Captain Hoa Xuande, a French-Vietnamese spy based in Los Angeles.

Adding an extraordinary touch to this star-studded cast are Hoa Xuande, Fred Nguyen Khan, Toan Le, Vy Le and Alan Trong as well as the incomparable Sandra Oh. Recently nominated for a staggering thirteen Emmy Awards due to her unforgettable roles in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Killing Eve” – she is sure to captivate audiences with her presence.

Robert Downey Jr. is taking on the role of the antagonist, reportedly playing “multiple supporting roles as the main antagonists, all of whom represent a different arm of the American establishment.”

Park Chan-wook, the renowned director, could not contain his enthusiasm when speaking about “Iron Man” alum in a recent Variety profile: “Working with Robert — he’s such an amazing actor and such an energetic man and a joy to be around. It’s been really great to be working with him.”

At the 2023 Golden Globes on Tuesday, renowned South Korean filmmaker Kim Soo-Hyun revealed some exciting details about her new series to come. Viewers can expect a thrilling ride ahead with this much-anticipated project!

“Overall, it’s a seven-episode series, and it’s set in 1975, immediately after the Vietnam War,” Park said on the Globes red carpet. “The story covers Vietnamese refugees who have migrated to LA and the stories surrounding that environment. Because of the context, casting revolves around having a lot of diversity, especially a heavy presence of Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans.”