Being born in the Philippines offers its share of hardships. Growing up in a large family, CJ Miles had to work hard to make a name for herself. She remained very involved in her schoolwork as this was her ticket out of her country. Her heritage is her inspiration for moving forward in her career. Her big break came when she gained the opportunity to travel to the United States.

Amongst her early opportunities came a shot with the adult film industry. She worked within this industry set for a short period, enough to get her feet wet and her name association recognized. After this stint opportunity came to the idea of working as a cover girl for a couple of different magazine publications. This setting suited her fancy and it now represents a bulk of the workload she explores. Her nationality is the cause for a public interest, as she is a mix of Filipino and Asian descent. The combination of these two gene pools has suited her overall look and has embarked on a model that fans don’t get the opportunity to see every day. Her mixed heritage is deeply rooted within her contribution to remaining on the course to build her personal wealth.

She cites family time and travel to see family as two of the most important things within her life. Keeping closely bonded to her family has been cited as the reason she has been able to remain focused when she is apart from them. Her fans are also the cause for keeping her going. They understand the feeling of becoming homesick, so they play their role in building her personal stamina and continuing to help her grow in her career.

CJ is her given name, which often causes some confusion between the NBA player with the same namesake. She toys with this idea from time to time, investing in silly ideas that she could perform at the same level as the NBA superstar. Exploring social media and interacting with her fans is another one of her favorite activities. Her fans bring a presence of calm into her life and she spreads her social media involvement across different sources of intrigue. Her Instagram page is the owner of over 1.9 million followers. She also created her own web page that allows users to unlock exclusive content and remain in-the-know with all levels of her career and personal involvement.

She keeps most of her shared information on personal ideals under wraps. Revealing her skin and her story is enough to keep her fans at a close distance to her celebrity status. She remains in contact with her family throughout her journey, but most of these interactions are shielded for personal reasons.