A business trip went terribly wrong for a British Instagram model this afternoon. Lacey Montgomery-Henderson was traveling to Bangkok, Thailand for a 10-day business venture. When she arrived at the Thai airport, she was detained for having missing pages in her passport.

Lacey explained that her passport was damaged due to a liquid spill on a past trip, creating some discrepancies with the pages. These discrepancies were immediately met with disproval, without much explanation for the events that were about to ensue. Thai officials rejected her passport and proceeded to detain the Glasgow-born model. Lacey spent a 24-hour stint in a Thai jail that was overrun with cockroaches. The model was afforded the ability to keep her phone when imprisoned in a run-down cell.

During this 24-hour period, the outpouring and support from her over 300,000 fans is what kept her sane. An outpouring of messages, motivators, and other such content is what kept Lacey’s focus on the things that mattered. She never wavered during her holding time thanks to this outreach of support. Follow-up with fans was in order following her return to her home roots.

When describing the incident, the model exclaimed that the authoritative sources were unforgiving. The passport was rejected and she was immediately escorted by officials to a holding cell.

Upon her return home, Montgomery-Henderson released statements describing her experience. Her descriptions were met by a continued out-pouring of support for her case. She than went on to thank her fans and support systems that stuck with her through these trying times. She vowed to get some rest and re-up her passport with a newer model to ensure she never had to undergo this fiasco again. The learning experience also prompted awareness for detainee treatment.

The Thai government has yet to release a statement on the incident and declined comment when outreached by reporters. The model is once again back to business, claiming photoshoot opportunities in prior locations to help erase this memory from existence. The continued support and outreach were also contacted with personal messages, video bits, and other such releases from the model following the incident. This interaction is what keeps fans of her content on-board with her productions. If it weren’t for the support system, Lacey claims she might not have been able to cope with the situation that unfolded within the Thai holding cells.