Donald Trump’s presidency will no doubt go down as one of the most controversial in the history of the United States. From ignoring the dangers associated with Covid-19 and being accused of trumping the rights of the minority, President’s Trump first term presidency was nothing short of controversial. It, therefore, should not come as a surprise that many Americans were not amused after a golden statue of Donald Trump was unveiled in New York. The controversial aspect of the statue lies in the fact that it depicts Trump driving a golf cart on the graves of Covid 19 patients and American soldiers who died while in their line of duty. The depiction clearly illustrates the sculptor’s dislike of the former president.

The sculpture, which is entitled “The Final Push,” is located in Battery Park, which is famous for holding protestors. In other words, the gold sculpture can be seen as a form of protest against President Trump. Additionally, the presence of engraved words such as “Destroyer of Civil Rights and Liberties” is a clear indication of how a section of Americans viewed Trump. Trump’s close friends from Fox News have also been depicted in the statue as pushers whose role is to help Trump navigate the bumpy terrain full of gravestones and tombstones. The tombstones were dedicated to the president, who most people viewed as a “loser.” The “loser” term has also been used to act as a reminder to the American people that their beloved president referred to American victims of war as “suckers” and “losers.” Additionally, when he was asked to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, he said that the cemetery “is filled with losers.” Consequently, his constant use of the phrase “it is what is,” which was seen as a way of not caring about the wellbeing of Americans, has been used to illustrate Trump’s lack of empathy.

An interesting aspect of the sculpture is that it is not attributed to a single artist. On the contrary, a group of artists known as The Trump Statue Initiative was behind the concept and overall outlook. Additionally, it is also of the essence to bear in mind that it is their group name that made it easier for them to secure funding and unmatched support from a section of American citizens. According to the artists, they worked tirelessly to embody the “most notoriously self-serving, racist, and narcissistic moments” depicted by President Trump. From a self-serving perspective, Trump has always been accused of spending too much of American taxes on his golfing escapades. For instance, according to a report released by Forbes in 2019, it was estimated that American taxpayers would have to fork more than $340 million to support Trump’s favorite sport. The figure was also likely to skyrocket, considering the health and safety measures that are to be put in place as per Covid guidelines. Trump’s love for golfing has also been criticized by many Americans who found the behavior uncalled for, considering that most Americans were stuck at home due to the ongoing pandemic. Apart from this, his golfing expeditions have being compared to his presidential salary, with most critics stipulating that Trump spent 334 years of estimated presidential salary on golfing.