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Michelle Obama’s Weird Outfit Turns Heads On Book Tour

Michelle Obama was the first lady of the United States for eight years while her husband, Barack Obama was  Continue Reading »

1 month ago

Dems New Rising Star Arrested By FBI On 13 Counts

OMG! Say It Isn’t So! Are you ready for this? Now, let me start this by saying you expect  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Liberals Demand John Wayne’s Airport Be Renamed After Old Comments Surface

The world is awake with the fight for equality, not just online but on the ground as well through  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

She Got A $100k Settlement Over Coworkers American Flag

Karimah Guion-Pledgure sued Multnomah County for fostering a workplace with overwhelming racial insensitivity. One of Karimah’s workmates initiated the  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Redskins Coach Under Fire For “Obnoxious” Trump Tweet

Twitter, on the night of Tuesday 22nd June 2020 was ablaze after Redskins defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio put  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Police See Stars Shirt, Walk Right Out Of Stadium

The term “perfect storm” has been defined as a “critical state of affairs, arising from a number of unpredictable  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Politically Incorrect Sign Sparks Outrage At Local Restaurant

There has been a lot of talk concerning political correctness over the last few years and it seems like  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Firefight Might Lose Job For Running Into Burning Building To Save Senior Citizen

On June 27th 2019, Fire Truck number 16 was dispatched for a fire emergency in Atlanta for an assignment  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Parents Furious Restaurant Put This Sign On The Door

Families, they consist of smaller kids and older ones usually. Families like to go out and eat at times,  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Famous Congresswoman Was Cheating On Her Taxes For Years

Ilhan Omar became an overnight sensation when she became the first Somali American to be elected to the United  Continue Reading »

2 months ago