Tons of money is spent each year by parents to send their children to the prestigious American School in London. However, the institution teaches youngsters that there are “sixty-four genders,” among other things, which sets it apart from ordinary public schools. Despite its “woke agenda,” however, Ofsted has issued a report on the American School in London stating that while the school is committed to being a world-class institution, it does “need improvement” if it wants to meet those standards.

In April 2015, a top-rated private school in London was downgraded from “outstanding” to “requires improvement” by the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED). The school focused more on teaching pupils about “social justice” than on teaching them subject-specific knowledge and skills, resulting in numerous “failures” in leadership and education.

Despite the fact that the school’s watchdog organization downgraded it, the current interim head of the American School in London Sacha McVean wrote a letter to parents in which she defended the institution’s focus on social justice programs and characterized the school watchdog’s evaluation of it as “unusual.”

After a watchdog criticized the institution for teaching human-centered topics rather than subject-based work, more than one hundred parents formed a group to write Ms. McVean an angry letter of complaint about the curriculum.

Some students complained that they were being “suppressed” by the woke agenda promoted at their London school during an Ofsted evaluation.

The private school was not able to meet the Independent School Standards because it does not make an effort to limit the “promotion of partisan political views” or urge pupils to practice “respect for those with other beliefs,” according to Ofsted’s evaluation.

“The tone of the school’s email was not well received at all. It came across as defiant and unapologetic. Parents were shocked to see that the school was standing by its programs,” said one parent to the Times.

Another contentious issue was the debate surrounding transgender rights. Teachers have been pushing for inclusion of transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard in women’s competitions, despite her testosterone levels being above the allowed limit. Children are taught that there are 64 genders in health class during the school day.

One parent stated: “We have seen controversial views – about which public debate is still raging in society – being taught as truth to these children.”

Ofsted’s report reads: “Teaching places much more weight on the school’s approach to social justice than on learning subject-specific knowledge and skills… Not everyone felt that they are able to express their views freely in class.”

The parents’ letter has yet to be addressed by the American School in London. However, it appears that the school will not alter its curriculum anytime soon, despite the complaints from paying customers.

The report stated: “While recognizing the importance of promoting equalities, a significant minority of parents and pupils told inspectors that a culture has developed where alternative opinions are not felt welcome.”

Do you believe that private schools should be able to teach whatever they’d like? Do you feel this type of curriculum is appropriate for children?