A Mexican mother has been accused of organizing a Satanic birthday party for her one-year-old child after photographs of the celebration were circulated on social media. The mother displayed the decorations she picked for Lilith’s birthday party in the images, which included sinister décor that looked like what people think of when they picture a satanic worship cult.

The mother, Janeth Zapata, shared a video of her daughter Lilith during her first birthday party. The little girl wore a black outfit while celebrating surrounded by decorations that left social media users in utter shock and horror.

The birthday video, which was published to TikTok, showed the one-year-old baby’s birthday party. The film has been seen over 2.4 million times. During the event, black and pink balloons were flown as well as a pinata that appeared to be a demon named Baphomet, which is a goat-headed devil that is frequently represented in occult ceremonies, according to Daily Mail’s recent update.

The little girl in her black ensemble was shown off during the birthday party photos. In addition, Adele’s hit song Rumors is playing in the background, adding to people’s speculation about the Satanic nature of the baby’s birthday celebration.

Janeth created a caption for her video that reads, “Rumors say I had the best outfit for my first birthday.”

Lilith is seen posing next to a star that is frequently employed during Satanic worship ceremonies in birthday party photographs. According to Daily Mail, the star is also utilized in sacrifices.

The one-year-old baby is seen smashing her birthday cake, which was made with a pentagram of icing on top. She also destroyed the Baphomet pinata at the party to celebrate her birth.

“Cute as Hell,” said Janeth of her daughter’s birthday party concept. For the tot’s birthday celebration, she was going for a Satanic theme.

Users of social media were shocked by the birthday party concept. They felt that it was in poor taste for a little girl to be honored with a celebration that harkened back to the lord of the underworld.

The birthday party was described as a “sacrifice” by one person, with others wondering if it was a “celebration of spiritualism.”

After Janeth’s daughter’s birthday photos circulated online and received a slew of negative comments, the mother took to social media herself to defend her child.

“I see there are many news sites that put out my daughter’s party with lies. One. We’re not Satanists. Two. There were guests. Three. The party didn’t have anything to do with Satan. Four. The pinata isn’t Satan, nor the devil. It’s Baphomet. Five. The pentagram isn’t inverted because it’s not satanic.”

What do you think about these birthday party décor ideas? Is it right for a baby’s birthday party to have these decorations?