It is never easy to lose a good friend. Whether we are “ready” for it or not, it matters little.

Animals may also feel sadness, and their feelings of sorrow are not limited to humans. Animals have the capacity to suffer sadness as well.

Did you know, for example, that parrots are one of the most emotional and intelligent animals on the planet? They become sad when someone they care about dies.

His owner, whom he had shared his life with for 25 years, recently went through it.

Sinbad, like many other animals, had a special connection with his owner.

Normally, Sinbad is a pleasant and jolly bird, but as his beloved lay on her deathbed, he appeared to comprehend the gravity of the situation, becoming quiet.

This was regarded as a indication of the extraordinary compassion birds have for their owners.

When a loved one dies, parrots can suffer from the same sort of sadness that humans do. Birds are even given anti-depressants.

The dying mother’s daughter caught the moment you will soon witness. She is getting ready to say goodbye to the planet, and Sinbad is brought in for a last encounter.

Sidbad clearly just wants to be by his owner’s side, and he makes it clear how much she matters to him. And when she has Sidbad on her stomach, she lets him know how much she adores him, too.

If you can make it through this video without crying, you are far braver than I could ever dream of being.

These scientists from the University of Alberta and University of Lethbridge sourced 98 samples of bird brains from the University of Lethbridge which is the biggest worldwide. These brains were evaluated which originated from various bird types that consists of owls, chickens, hummingbirds, therefore a lot more.

This research study raises rather a variety of appealing concerns that scientists can not yet address however this can hand out for specialists to much better comprehend how the human brain since of the comparable pontine-based procedure that takes place in birds.

Parrots are really clever and have long memory. They can likewise be trained by utilizing favorable support strategies and some can even be trained to do techniques and talk. They are likewise social animals and they do not like it when they are stuck in a cage in a corner when you are tired of them. A lot of us have family pets and we can absolutely connect to this video, particularly if we have an unique bond with our cherished animals.

This is a really motivating minute that audiences can’t assist however feel touched by the unique relationship that this set share. This act of compassion appears and they certainly have a long-lasting relationship that a lot of us are wanting to have in our lives.