A deli with a desperate need for help put up a help-wanted ad that caught everyone’s attention. Despite the fact that the sign specifies how much someone would earn if they had various qualifications and performed the job enthusiastically, consumers were shocked and turned to social media to lambaste Jason’s Deli over their hiring procedure, leaving hundreds of one-star postings on several restaurant review sites.

“Now hiring all positions,” the Jason’s Deli sign read. “Minimum wage equals mediocre person.”

The sign then describes the requirements for employees based on how much money they will make per hour if they are hired to work at the deli.

Someone who was paid nine dollars per hour might be on their “first job” and eis “willing to learn.”

$10 per hour is paid to someone with “some experience” who is “efficient” at work.

$11 per hour is offered to someone who is “reliable” and a “multi-tasker.”

$12 per hour is paid to an employee who is “better than most” and “brings zero drama” while “working like two people.”

$13 per hour is offered to someone who is quote “supervisory material.”

$14 per hour is given to an employee who is “never, ever late, cares as the owner does,” and always “brings positivity to the environment.”

$15 per hour is given to someone who “outshines and outperforms the owner” while they do “all of the above” on the other job levels.

I.G.Y. Azalea said the restaurant was “Jason’s Deli in Melbourne, FL if anybody felt like letting them know how much this sucks a**.” Jason’s Deli in Melbourne, FL if anybody felt like letting them know how much this is bad.” Thousands of individuals flocked to restaurant review sites to express their outrage at the deli for advertising potential employees in such a manner.

Azalea said that they “saw this (offensive sign) at a deli in town. This realllllly doesn’t sit right with me.”

More than 73,000 Twitter users think this sign is in poor taste. The message was retweeted by 6,300 people and cited by 5,500 others.

Many individuals felt that Jason’s Deli needed to improve its hiring procedure.

“Math skills questionable. E.g., if someone is ‘better than most, works like two people,’ shouldn’t he get more than twice the starting wage, not just 1 1/3 times? Also, if he ‘outshines and outperforms the owner’ and if capitalism is a meritocracy, shouldn’t he be given the deli?”

Another person wrote, “This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. How are you supposed to survive off of $15/hr working at a deli?”

“Just because someone works hard doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a livable wage,” another user posted.

The deli has yet to respond to the viral sign or the negative comments it has received as a result of it. It’s uncertain whether they’ll keep the sign up or remove it in light of the bad feedback it’s gotten.