“Why do you dress in your scrubs like that? It’s improper!” one TikTok user exclaimed after seeing nurse Erika Diaz, 22, post photos of herself online. The nurse has since gone viral on the Chinese-developed social media platform and feels that scrubs are designed to be worn in this manner. She simply draws her top inside her pants, which reveals her natural body shape’s voluptuous curves.

On TikTok, Nurse Erika shows off her physique in scrubs for the first time. She then cuts to a picture of how the scrubs should be worn in the viral video. In the online commercial, you can see four women wearing their scrub pants tucked into their matching pants, similar to Erika Diaz’s TikTok videos. Erika has different proportions than the models in the online advertisement, and they upset some users on the platform.

“Some people just have an issue with my body, not my scrubs, and it shows,” she wrote in the video caption.

Nonetheless, Erika’s video has resulted in a number of enraged individuals on the internet. Her videos have been seen more than twelve million times and are still growing. She continued to argue with people about her method of wearing scrubs in the comments section of her viral clip.

She continued, “Just for clarification, I am 5’2” and 107 lbs. I’m short and little. Y’all can say my body is fake all y’all want. It’s not. Ask my back problems.”

Despite this, the curvy nurse continued to receive abuse from her critics.

“It’s just not professional,” said one person on TikTok.

Another said, “You simply can buy one bigger size to give you space to breathe.”

“I’m an old school director,” another person commented. “I’d never allow that on my floor. I don’t want to see nails, perfume, or style. Keep that at home where it belongs.”

She continued to defend herself against the haters, who accused her of being unprofessional.

“‘I literally work two jobs, volunteer, and I am still studying,” she continued. “I’m devoting my life to the improvement of others, and anyone’s opinions are irrelevant.”

She added, “I’m literally not wearing makeup, have my nails done or my hair for that fact. It’s literally just scrubs tucked in, so I don’t get stuck.”

One person took up her side, stating, “Anyone saying ‘buy a bigger size.’ It doesn’t really work like that. Sometimes a bigger size will be too big on the arms and too long.”

A few days after the curvy nurse became popular for wearing her scrubs in a provocative manner, she shared another photo of herself in the scandalous get-up. She wrote the following statement to accompany it: “How I feel walking into work after some of my coworkers found my TikTok account lol.”

“They don’t care, though,” she added. “I will be telling them my whole life story, too, haha.”