A woman in medical garb snatched a newborn girl from the Occidente General Hospital in Zapopan, Mexico. The impostor took the infant away just hours after she was born. Fortunately, on Thursday morning, when someone noticed the kid gone through the streets of Arcos de Zapopan, which was approximately four miles from the hospital, she was found alive.

The kidnapped youngster had not yet been given her name. This made it difficult for law enforcement to conduct the investigation and discover what happened. Police were able to finish their work, however, by catching the perpetrator, who was a woman disguised as a nurse who had sneaked into the hospital.

The kidnapper was dressed in blue medical scrubs and approached the newborn baby girl’s mother. The culprit informed the mother that she had to take the infant to another area of the nursery when they spoke. Later, while her newborn daughter was still missing, her mom began to worry since she had been separated from her for too long. When she inquired about her child’s location among other hospital workers, they didn’t have any information on where she’d been relocated or where she’d been taken.

The hospital was able to review the security film and identify the woman disguised as a nurse. The person who committed the crime has not yet been identified, but she was observed leaving the facility with a huge green bag that may have held the newborn infant girl.

The infant was discovered the next day by locals four miles away from the hospital. According to reports, the woman had left her green bag along the roadside. Locals were interested and went over to have a look at it, only to discover that there was a new born baby girl inside.

When authorities discovered the missing girl, they rushed her back to the hospital to rejoin her family. Aside from being reunited with her mother, the child was also examined to ensure that she is secure from any dangers.

Following her rescue, Governor Enrique Alfaro of Jalisco stated that she was in “perfect condition.”

“The baby that was stolen yesterday from Occidente General Hospital is back in her mother’s arms today, and it is a reason for joy and gratitude to each officer and person who made it possible,” he said.

The kid was kidnapped shortly after 5 p.m. on Wednesday, according to authorities. Investigators believe that the culprit, who was dressed as a nurse, forced the youngster into a large green bag – the same type that was discovered abandoned along the road about four miles from the hospital.

As of the time of writing, the kidnapper remains at large and has evaded capture by authorities. The same suspect who attempted to abduct a newborn from Occidente Medical Center in Zapopan just several days ago was stopped from doing so once again.

Why do you think this woman took the newborn baby and cast her aside on the roadway?