Before settling on venturing into a specific field, you must be sure that there exists a gap that needs to be filled. Though you may have the wish to introduce an existing product, your products’ features are the ones that will set them apart from others. A wise entrepreneur can’t introduce goods with similar quality to the existing ones, but those of higher quality than the rest. As the year comes and passes, so do customers’ tastes and preferences that are mostly influenced by technological changes. This is a clear indication that you should use the latest technology when devising your products. Before executing your idea, share it with professionals within your circle, family, and friends, and use the feedback to develop a strategic business plan. Family support can mean a lot since it boosts one’s confidence, which they hold onto till they make it despite the many challenges faced along the way.

If you are a designer stranded about what to do, something needs to be done in the traditional decks. The existing playing cards: King, Queen, and Jack are gender-biased. Inequalities were common in the past, where women were considered lesser beings than men. This used to discourage female gender and found no motivation to work hard. Nowadays, many activists, women’s movements, and governments have come out to empower the girl child after realizing they were discouraged by the treatment the boy child was receiving. These efforts bore sweeter results as ladies became motivated, thereby working hard in their studies. With the right qualifications, they have the same chances as men do in leadership positions. Mellik, twenty-three years old from the Netherlands, is the smartest designer who came out to stop the gender inequality in decks. After sharing her idea with her father who gave her his blessings, she produced gender-neutral cards of Gold, Silver, and bronze, replacing King, Queen, and Jack. Taking everything slowly, she first created fifty cards that were all bought by her family members and friends. Motivated by that act, she produced a second batch and started marketing and selling them online with a brand name, GSB decks.

With the traditional cards, King is considered powerful than the Queen, a mentality that Mellik is determined to change. Since such subtle communicates directly to females, making them feel less important than males, Mellik is here to make this wrong right. Her creativity and innovation received impressive feedback since many are eager to buy the gender-neutral cards. Though her business started approximately a month ago, she has sold over one thousand five hundred of the GBS decks. The business has achieved a global presence, and currently, her clientele is spread across the United States, France, Germany, and Belgium. After Millek realized that a market exists for her GBS decks, and many were aware of the gender basis but didn’t know the way out; she has taken them to seasoned card players. According to the leader of DBA, Berit Van Dobbenburg, she doubts whether seasoned card players will implement Mellik’s idea since card games are rooted on strong traditions and changing tradition is hard. Berit’s Viewpoint doesn’t mean she supports inequality; in fact, she is a big supporter of gender equality. Apart from difficulties facing change which is a permanent process, Berit is happy that someone from the new generation is determined to revolutionizing these card games. If Mellik stayed with her idea, she wouldn’t know if people were eager for such change; an encouragement to many who keep on postponing the execution of their ideas.