Reckless pranks are never a good idea, as you can’t anticipate all the potential variables that could derail your unprepared plans. On one unfortunate occasion when an unsuspecting man had the gumption to prank an entire building by unzipping and urinating on elevator buttons, he was met with his own comeuppance – causing the buttons to short-circuit and trapping himself in exactly where he wanted to target others.

The man from China should have comprehended that the elevator buttons were not a place to relieve himself. Unfortunately, he seemed oblivious and instead pulled down his pants to urinate on the buttons, drenching other people’s hands when they tried to navigate between floors.

This man’s prank backfired pretty spectacularly when his own urine caused a short circuit in the elevator buttons, leaving him locked inside with the unpleasant aroma of his pee. Whether or not he planned it for April Fool’s Day is irrelevant as he was ultimately pranked himself!

The entire incident was recorded by the elevator’s surveillance cameras and footage showed a man urinating over the buttons while inside. He found this amusing, thinking that people who used it afterwards would get their fingers wet when attempting to traverse up or down in the building.

Unfortunately, the man’s prank quickly went awry when he urinated all over the buttons. He likely did not anticipate his flood of urine damaging the elevator, but had failed to consider that his powerful stream would cause major destruction to its components.

The man’s nonsensical stunt caused the elevator buttons to short-circuit, leaving him in an unfortunate situation – stuck between floors. The result was that he had to confront the consequences of his actions as he found himself imprisoned in a space where he once wanted to pull off a prank on other people.

The video of the man’s mortifying incident spread like wildfire on the web, and people all over were laughing at his expense. The man should have realized that urinating in public is no joke – it’s not only revolting but can also lead to critical repercussions as he experienced.

This person’s experience is a vital warning for all those considering playing pranks. Always be ready and carefully consider the implications of your deeds before you carry them out, or else you could end up becoming the victim in this game yourself.

The man’s joke boomeranged and he ended up locked inside the elevator with its doors shut. He banged on the walls of the cramped, smelly chamber to no avail as all his attempts at forcing them open were futile. Fortunately, someone arrived in time before further misfortune befell him and freed him from his confinement.

Before you even consider playing a prank, make sure to have your facts straight so that it doesn’t end up being you who gets pranked instead.