A panic-stricken mother from Australia shared an alarming post on social media, revealing how her ensuite bathroom is overrun with microscopic black ants who seem completely enamored by the toilet paper, making it impossible for her to cleanse after using the facilities. In light of this distressing discovery, she’s yearningly considering leaving the land Down Under.

An Australian makeup artist and mother from Queensland is searching for answers on why ants are fascinated with the toilet paper in her four-story home. Although these nuisances infest her bathroom, they curiously only appear to be drawn towards that single roll of tissue, leaving all other rolls untouched throughout the house. Social media users have been asked to lend a hand in understanding this peculiar problem!

People were taken aback after seeing the photographs posted on social media that portrayed a multitude of ants swarming around and infiltrating every sheet of TP placed in the bathroom. The floral-scented tissue paper attracted hundreds upon hundreds of these small insects, who made it their home place as they climbed up, into, and around its layers. No matter what measures this mother took to prevent them from entering her ensuite bathroom – she simply could not inhibit their never-ending attraction to the roll!

“Ants are obsessed with my toilet paper,” she said. “I took this picture while sitting on the toilet.”

The images left many people in awe, and soon social media was filled with countless reactions.

“I had an ant problem in my toilet, and it turned out to be a hidden water leak,” one woman commented.

Some suggested the ants were enticed to her toilet paper because of its specific sheet style, intended for wiping.

“They can swarm over facial tissues as well. one theory is the tissues or toilet paper absorb water, and that’s what they are after. Another theory is they are attracted to the cellulose fibers and eat it,” one woman stated. “Other people think they are attracted to the glue that holds the paper to the roll.”

Other Reddit users corroborated the woman’s assertions, pointing out that some commercial toilet paper contain adhesive glues made with sugar. The minuscule ants are naturally drawn to such sugary elements, so it makes total sense why they would want to consume the glue which binds together sheets of bathroom tissue.

While some individuals proposed that the mom store her toilet paper in plastic bags to ward off ants, others had a ball with it, sharing amusing reactions on social media.

“You use that, and you literally will have ants in your pants,” one amused woman said.

An alternative more workable solution was proposed by another individual.

“Wipe all the surfaces over with tea tree oil. They hate it,” one woman stated.

“You could clean the trail away with vinegar,” added another.