Small acts of kindness can brighten her days considerably. It may put a grin on your face if someone does something nice, such as paying for your coffee at Starbucks or stopping by the side of the road when your vehicle breaks down. The kid’s parents, however, quickly confessed and offered to pay the repair cost for the vehicle – yet the car owner did something unexpected that left them speechless.

Because the incident took place in the United Kingdom, the neighbor provided a bill to the parents in British pounds.

This is what the invoice said:

“Invoice for car damage: Damage repair and re-spray £1,500… Damage repair and re-spray VAT £300… Numerous cups of tea while pondering repair £28… Numerous packets of biscuits while pondering repair £10…”

After that, it concludes with: “These things happen… Minus -£1,838… No Charge!”

The neighbor concluded the letter with, “The only thing we ask is you keep taking our parcels in when we are not here, thanks!”

Clearly, these parents are living near some Good Samaritans. When the toddler dented the vehicle door, they were OK with looking the other way. These appear to be decent people who reside nearby.

The parents of the little boy posted a photo of the invoice to social media, writing: “My silly three-year-old accidentally hit a neighbor’s car last week when opening his door. We admitted it at the time and told the owner we’d pay for the repair (cheaper than going through insurance). I chased him up today and got this invoice… Wow, such wonderful people.”

It’s nice to see that there are still decent individuals in the world. The individual who dented the automobile was only three years old! The boy appeared to be unaware of his mistake and, based on his age, it’s unlikely he even understands what he did wrong. His parents quickly accepted responsibility and offered to have the vehicle fixed right away.

When you think, “oh no!” the next time, remember that there are others out there like these neighbors who will brighten your day with their kindness.

It’s highly probable that these kind neighbors will be repaid for their good deed one day – and in a roundabout way, too.

Whenever we can, it’s important to try and do kind things for others- you never know what that person might be going through or how much your act could mean to them.

The story went viral after one of the neighbors’ Facebook posts describing their acts of kindness. Because they were willing to overlook the toddler’s misbehavior in order to help others, they inspired people all around the world with their good spirits and compassion.

What are your thoughts on how these neighbors handled the situation? What was the most recent good deed you completed?