An awe-inspiring TikTok video has attracted an astonishing 11 million views, and it posits a highly convincing theory that the Titanic never actually sank.

Alternatively, Mia is convinced that the Olympic was deliberately sunk to dodge the costly repairs it required.

“I was a Titanic kid, meaning I literally knew every single fact about the Titanic,” Mia stated. “My a** would sit and watch documentaries for hours and hours and hours. But when I heard this theory, everything like made sense.”

“The White Star Line — a super important ship company built three super notable ships. We have the Titanic, the Olympic, and the Britannic,” she continued. At the time, the British company stood out as one of the most esteemed shipping lines in the world, offering passenger and cargo services between Britain’s colonies and America.

“The Britannic was the first to go — it was a warship and people say it was struck by like a land mine in the water. But no it wasn’t. It was struck by a torpedo by a German U-boat and it sank.”

“As you can see, she resembles the Titanic. Just like different colors. And you can see where it was hit.”

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On November 21, 1916, the Britannic tragically sank in the Aegean Sea while serving as a medical vessel during World War I. Out of 1,066 passengers and crew aboard that fateful day, only 1,036 were rescued from its emerald-and-white hull – an unbearable cost of 30 lives.

Debate rages on as to whether the ship succumbed to a sinister submarine attack or was destroyed by an explosive mine.

“And then we have the Olympic and the Titanic. They look identical,” Mia added.

“The Olympic was on the water for a while. She was reaching for retirement and they knew that. They were like ‘well it was a lot of money to make the Titanic, and it’s gonna be even more money to repair the Olympic. So what if we just sent the Olympic out instead, sank that hoe, claim some insurance money and then just scrap the Titanic like it was the Olympic for some spare parts.”

Mia assumes that the only people who truly understood what the Titanic’s insides looked like were those who designed it, which makes her think switching them must have been an easy task.

“Who would’ve known? No one would’ve known,” she said.

Mia then mentions some high-profile individuals who decided to forgo the Titanic voyage at the last minute, such as J.P. Morgan – a famous banker and ironically, owner of the White Star Line.

Milton Hershey, of the world-renowned Hershey’s chocolate brand, had originally planned on taking a voyage aboard the Titanic. But due to an unexpected business opportunity at his factory he hopped onto the German liner Amerika instead and never made it onboard the ill-fated boat.

Nevertheless, Mia neglects to signify that the Vanderbilts too had decided not to sail on Titanic in the nick of time.

“Were they told not to because they knew it was going to f***ing sink anyways?” Mia asks, also noting that the number of portholes were not matching up.

“The Titanic has 14 portholes on the side of it, and the Olympic had 16. Well magically, by the Grace of God, by the Grace of Jesus, the Titanic had 16 portholes on the side of it the day that it left. They just tack two more on for funsies? No.”

To corroborate her theory, she pointed to the two ships nearby–the SS Californian being suspected of witnessing Titanic’s distress rockets but took no action.

In the end, it was the Carpathia that came to their rescue two hours after the Titanic had already sunk. This vessel provided whatever aid remained for any survivors still lingering in what had become an otherwise dark and desolate sea.

“We don’t know where she [SS Californian] went, but it was not the Titanic,” Mia says. “The Carpathia did. The Carpathia was multiple hours away and by the time it got there, the ship would’ve been gone, the ship would’ve already sank. Convenient.”

“Also every single time they advertise the Titanic, they use the Olympic’s pictures. They took pictures of the inside of the Olympic and used it as advertising.”

“I’m not wrong.”

The response was overwhelming – people were utterly convinced.

“I did not have a titanic conspiracy on my 2023 bingo card 😳” one person said.

“It was planned.. Ex: JP Morgan had more than one rival on the Titanic. He pulled out and they died, thus making his business successful,” another person added.

“No bc [sic] why does this make sense (also titanic kids unite✊️).” another person said.

“As a fellow titanic kid I’m LIVING for this video,” another stated.