We’re all big fans of the purge but it seems in Atlanta they are doing their best to make it a real-life event. Officers were recently caught on camera doing nothing to stop a group of men fleeing the scene after committing a drive-by shooting. While many of the people on the scene were outraged by this, there is a good reason. It seems one of the new rules of the Atlanta PD is they are not allowed to engage in a high-speed chase unless the suspect has committed a forcible felony.

The rule was first established by the current mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, who did this due to the fact that she thinks it led to too many accidental deaths in the process. The footage shows that one person was hit by a bullet while the others did their best to flee the scene. The cops arrived on the scene shortly after at which point they did call an ambulance to tend to those who were wounded.

This has led to some people trying to secede from the nation so they can have better laws when it comes to apprehending suspects. Witnesses have said they think that crime in the Atlanta area has only gotten worse in the past 2 years. Though it has led to a lot of ire over the years, the mayor is sticking to her guns, saying that high-speed chases are too dangerous to the public & should be outlawed.