Social media is something that has made waves all around the huge planet. That’s the reason that people who browse social media sites like Instagram can see posters who come from so many different nations. Maria Arreghini is an example of an Instagram favorite who happens to come from scenic Milan located in the northern part of Italy. This European gal doesn’t reside in Milan right now, though. That’s because she made the decision to relocate to the Italian capital of Rome. She’s been a fixture in the bustling city for quite some time at this point. Education is and has long been a major priority for Maria. That’s the reason she diligently studies at the Università La Sapienza.

This girl has blonde locks that are source of envy for so many. They’re light and slightly wavy. She features them front and center in many of her images on Instagram. Maria is in no sense a stranger to work. She diligently works practically every single day of the week. Although she has a work ethic that’s out of this world, her attitude about playing and letting loose is just as serious. She likes to hang out with the people she adores. She likes to travel. She simply likes to make the most out of her valuable time on this planet.

Maria has a penchant for photography. She’s like many other individuals in that she goes the extra mile to visit the folks in her life. She regularly temporarily escapes from her fast-paced lifestyle in Rome. She goes to Milan to be able to decompress. She goes there to reconnect with the people who made her the woman she is today. Style is a focal point for Arreghini. People can see her in glamorous dresses and sultry bikinis on her Instagram. They can easily find her in tight jeans and fitting pale blouses, too. She’s the kind of person who likes to experiment with all of her fashion choices. She doesn’t ever get stuck in style ruts that are hard to reverse.

Italy is one of the most visually stunning countries on the planet. Arreghini knows better than anyone that she’s more than lucky to be able to live in the boot-shaped nation. It has bustling metropolises that are full of sleek buildings and historic sites. It has just as many idyllic beach towns that are ideal for people who want to take in fresh air and marvelous nature.

Maria frequently posts Instagram pictures that show her making the most out of life on the smooth sands of the beach. It wasn’t long ago at all that she spent the day at Lido le Roccette. This woman likes to test the boundaries with her clothing approach. She likes to do the same with her hair. She even likes doing fun and interesting things with her makeup. People who see Arreghini know that she’s fond of makeup looks that are natural and effortless. They know that she’s occasionally fond of showcasing drama in makeup as well. She sometimes dazzles the people who are right next to her by wearing lipstick that’s dark and intense. It makes sense that Arreghini likes to highlight all of the features that make her figure unforgettable. She’s done a lot to keep her physique in fine working order.