You’ll probably enjoy seeing how many faces you can spot in The General’s Family, an iconic work by an illustrious Mexican artist. Sometimes attributed to Salvado Dali, the work displays several faces creatively arranged around the canvas. It beckons viewers to re-create familiar realities by focusing on just one or two.

The talented 73-year old Mexican painter, Octavio Ocampo, has earned international acclaim for his fascinating works of art. He frequently deals with complex psychological themes and illusions. He studied previously in San Francisco at the School of Painting and Sculpture of the National Fine Art Institute. During his career, he has completed portraits of many well known celebrities, including actress Marilyn Monroe, labor organizer Cesar Chavez, musician John Lennon and film star Jane Fonda. He has also created famous works depicting President Jimmy Carter of the United States and Jesus Christ. Today, many people consider Octavio Ocampo one of the most talented artistic geniuses in the world!

If you spend a few moments contemplating The General’s Family, you’ll notice faces emerging from the canvas in unexpected location. Most people see six of them. However, several more exist, too. You can test your perceptual abilities by endeavoring to spot as many mugs as possible. Some people, who do not count animal faces, discover a total of nice human visages on the canvas. If you expand your perception to include non-humans, you’ll detect even more!