A man from California, nicknamed Mr. Teddybear, has been excessively hairy since he was thirteen years old and is often mistaken for a werewolf. Not only does the man have to deal with an exceptional amount of body hair, but he also sheds some in the summer to maintain a cooler temperature.

Mr. Teddybear has used his excessive body hair to his advantage, creating successful hair care products that help people achieve the look they desire. He is an entrepreneur in the beauty industry who knows how to market himself and his products.

Mr. Teddybear was always embarrassed by his copious body hair, but now that he’s single, he’s done living in shame. He refuses to let any of his future partners make him feel bad about something that’s natural and outside of his control. Nowadays, Mr. Teddybear embraces his hairy emphatically side and wouldn’t have it any other way!

“I used to wax my body hair and get it all lasered off years ago when I was ashamed of it,” he stated. “But thankfully that never worked. I remember when I would shave it off, within three hours, it was already growing back.”

Mr. Teddybear has no intention of getting rid of his body hair anytime soon and is, in fact, quite proud of it.

“Sadly, in the past, I have had exes who would shame me for my body hair,” he stated. “Or passively aggressively make me shave it. But never again!”

He continued, “You either accept me as a werewolf or you can go elsewhere. I’m used to people’s reactions at this point. Sadly, they’re still shocked.”

Mr. Teddybear’s coat is so thick that people are always surprised when they meet him for the first time.

“When I walk into a room and people see me wearing a tank top which I’m not ashamed of, I will see someone point and say something about how I look. Most often it just results in strangers asking if they can pet me. Like I’m an emotional support dog. Humidity is not your friend. It will make my hair fluff up real fast and it is very hard to keep straight.”

He continued, “Not to mention the heat. It is hell and I end up sweating through most of my shirts.”

The real-life werewolf takes care of his body hair a lot, but he doesn’t mind because he earns money from it.

“I usually just make my own products,” he said. “Most beard oils you buy in stores are so cheaply made and actually dry out your fur. I like to make sure mine is moisturized and well-scented.”

He continued, “I shampoo and deep condition it twice a week. And I will add in beard oil to my body hair so it softens it even more and adds an incredible nice scent.”