A French man living in Los Angeles ditched his date after he found out about her food allergies. The woman was gluten and alcohol-free, which the Frenchman couldn’t handle. Renan Pacheco has discussed his high standards for potential dates and believes that a woman’s dietary restrictions are an automatic deal-breaker.

When Renan, a French native living in Los Angeles, went on a date with an American woman named Kimberley, he was surprised to learn that she didn’t drink alcohol or eat gluten. He promptly left her alone as soon as he found out.

Renan took to the Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok to share his experience on the date with friends and followers. In a now-viral video, the French expatriate explains how baffled he was to learn of Kimberly’s dietary restrictions; he left the restaurant abruptly without even saying goodbye to his would-be girlfriend.

In his popular TikTok clip that gathers sensitive information on Americans, he explains his first date with an American woman didn’t go well.

The Frenchman explains, in an accent, why the date was so bad for him.

“I arrive at the restaurant, first of all, her name’s Kimberley, it’s not my favorite name but it’s fine, she’s pretty, so we sit down and we take the menu and she looks me in the eyes and she tells me she doesn’t eat gluten,” he said.

The Frenchman continued, “You don’t eat gluten, but how can you not eat gluten? Gluten is my life, Kimberley, gluten is a croissant, gluten is a baguette, how can you not eat gluten? So, I’m starting to be confused, I’m not going to lie.”

Renan ordered a glass of wine to ease his confusion, but then he found out that Kimberley didn’t drink alcohol. This was another reason why he couldn’t date this American woman with various dietary restrictions.

“How can you not drink alcohol in your life, Kimberley? Alcohol is a joy… so I’m sorry, I’m sorry if I left, I left the restaurant without saying goodbye,” he stated. “I couldn’t stay there, I’m sorry but I can’t have a love relationship with someone who doesn’t eat gluten and doesn’t drink wine. I’m sorry, Kimberley.”

Renan’s video about his criticism of his American date has amassed more than fifteen million views on TikTok, and hundreds of people have shared comments on the clip including the following:

“I literally knew you would say disaster before you said it,” one person said.

“I can understand gluten but alcohol… no, no, no… red flag,” another stated.

“I can’t have gluten, I’ll just have double the wine,” said another person.

“You did the right thing, brother,” another wrote.