Since he was a young buck, Marc Mero has loved sports. That’s why he decided to devote his life to athletics and become a professional wrestler. Mero also worked as a former boxer while he was growing up in a divorced home when his parents divorced when he was just eight years old – and his mother took care of him and his two siblings in her Buffalo, New York house.

Mero initially caught the attention of sports through ice hockey and football. However, he was inspired to pursue athletics after he began concentrating his training on becoming a boxer. He won four gold medals before being knocked down by a punch that fractured his nose and ended his boxing career before it could get started properly.

He began weightlifting after his boxing career ended abruptly, but he quickly abandoned that path and focused on professional wrestling. He made his debut in 1990 as a professional wrestler and spent at least fifteen years competing against individuals for the WCW and the WWF (which is now WWE). He wrestled for TNA between 2006 and 2012 before retiring from competition permanently in 2012.

Despite Mero’s reduced profile, he was able to inspire young athletes by reaching out to them. In one video clip, for example, Mero addressed pupils about his life and how he had disregarded his mother despite her best efforts to raise him correctly.

“My mom, she really empowered me to become special in sports. The greatest gift my mother ever gave me was [that] she believed in me.”

Despite his mother’s care, Mero was fueled by negativity and ended up on a self-destructive road.

“I’ve overdosed on three occasions where I should’ve passed, but I believed I was kept here for a reason.”

During his speech, which has been seen by millions of people, Mero says that he had been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

“I hung out with losers. I became the biggest loser of them all because I gave up everything I dreamt about as a little boy because of who I chose to surround myself with.” ‘

When Mero was in Japan for a wrestling event, he got a call from someone claiming to be his mother, informing him that she had passed away.

“I just threw the phone down. I ran out of my hotel room. I took the elevator to the lobby. When the doors opened up, I just ran out into the street.”

He returned home to attend his mother’s burial, but he merely expected her to rise from her coffin the entire time.

“Everything I am, everything I hoped to be, was because of you. You loved me so much. You gave me a life. You worked two jobs. You’re the only one that ever believed in me.”

When his mother died, Mero came to understand that he had been living his life in the wrong direction. He saw her coffin and understood something new.

“I learned what is truly important, and that is how precious this gift of life is, and how quickly it could be quickly taken away.”