Bette Midler has been an outspoken critic of the American President as of late. Her hatred of Donald Trump seems to be growing to a peak level as of late. This was on full display with her newest hate tweet toward the president and the first family. She wrote a poem that is not just controversial but may be considered raunchy to those with sensitivities to vulgarity. Here is what her tweeted poem said: “Each day I’m filled with the hope, That #Donald won’t be such a Dope, So I get on my knees, And say vip it out plise, As I reach for my new microscope.”

Many think she has gone way too far, while at the same time all those other Trump-hating liberal crowds are praising her lack of demeanor and classless display of her hate for the leader of the free world. Many wrote poems of their own in response to Betts’s vulgar poem that suggested the first family engages in vulgar behavior. Her poem turned many people off of her and may have hurt her overall celebrity appeal for many, while at the same time she may have found a new home amongst all the other Trump-hating liberal crowd out there. A crowd she will be right at home amongst, judging by her recent behavior and this newly tweeted poem fashioned around the first lady doing some un-ladylike behaviors.

Some of the responses her tweeted poem received were mixed and strictly divided down party lines it seems. There were some rebuttal poems tweeted by some people who did not seem to be very pleased by the vulgar poem posted by Midler. For example, Sam Trasco wrote the following, “There once was a woman named Bette / Who’s as crazy as crazy can get, / Once Donald Trump won / Her brain said, ‘I’m DONE,’ / Now they’re chasing her down with a net.”

In another response written by Michael Mores a poem named ” Ode To Bette” went like this, “I wish I may I wish I was bright, but I’m not, and as a result, it took me three weeks to get this poem right. When I was young, I stuck to my guns and knew what I was good at, but politics came, and, I became dumb. So now I’m old, nasty, ugly, and bummed!” As you can see many conservatives were quite upset with the vulgarity freely tweeted by Bette Midler and she may have lost herself some fans in the process. But of her 1.76 million followers she is sure to have appeased many liberal followers in the process as well.

How her popularity may have been affected overall is yet to be seen, but recent fallout may continue as much of her fan base falls on both sides of party lines. Although that may soon change drastically after the word of this particular tweeted poem spreads and more people see her vulgar side and her dramatic hatred of the President of the United States of America.