A lady who declared she discovered the ‘brains’ in her KFC chicken was informed by the food cycle it was simply a little kidney.

Sydney consumer Sarah Palmer, 26, shared the graphic image on the junk-food chain’s Facebook page on Friday after she and a group of buddies purchased a Huge Banquet for a house shipment at a KFC in Sydney’s west.

‘ Upon buying what I had actually hoped would be some finger-lickin’ great chicken from KFC Parramatta, I was frightened to discover what appears like … brains,’ she composed.

‘ This is not a typo, yep I imply brains, buried under your scrumptious secret herbs and spices. Picture my scary, queasiness and frustration,’ Would enjoy your ideas on how you believe we can restore our relationship. With fried concerns, Sarah.’

However, a KFC customer support representative reacted openly stating it was ‘most likely a piece of kidney and not brain’.

‘ Can you please PM and let me understand what time you purchased, which meal you purchased and your finest contact number for follow up,’ the KFC agent composed.

Ms. Palmer was having a night in with her buddies when she found the secret organ.

‘ I didn’t discover it to begin with. It was just as soon as I ‘d ended up the chicken that I looked down and saw this thing that appears like a brain, ‘she informed Daily Mail Australia.

‘ I truthfully almost tossed up on the area, it was so revolting,’ My pals believed I was overreacting up until they saw it, then they gagged also.’

KFC did not offer Ms Palmer a complete refund up until Tuesday night and stated they will be following up with their provider.

Ms Palmer was a previous die-hard KFC fan as her good friends made a current trip to America in Kentucky for the sole function of consuming the initial fried chicken.

‘ It’s a pity this took place due to the fact that I was such a huge fan of KFC,’ she stated.

The Facebook post gathered more than 22,000 remarks and almost 1000 shares.

A KFC spokesperson informed Daily Mail Australia their chicken is hand-prepared and prepared fresh, however ‘periodically errors occur and organs are not eliminated when they need to have been’.

‘ We can verify it’s not brains, however, felt confident it’s not a health concern,’ We are attempting to get in touch with the consumer and are advising our groups to take additional care.’

In September, 21-year-old KFC consumer Timothy published a photo of a heart concealed beneath a crispy chicken tender.

‘It was crumbed and in the package, saw that it wasn’t best and the skin was removed so might see it was black below. When I removed the skin initially, I had no concept what it was,’ he informed Daily Mail Australia.