Kathy Griffen, 60, has had her spirits high after undergoing surgery for a lung cancer complication. It’s an announcement she made, surprisingly after her husband had also experienced a medical scare. After recovering from the harrowing experience, she started sharing video updates with fans on social media. According to Kathy, the surgery process removed lung cancer on the left side of her lung. She could not contain her high spirits when describing her condition. In one of her recent Instagram posts, she said, “Yes, I am in bed, and I come across this unusual noise, but I cannot determine its source.” However, she says she later realized that her husband was cooking and cut his hand with a knife. The injury was so profound that Kathy had to rush him to the hospital. Little did Kathy Griffen know that she would be next in line, with a life-threatening condition. Kathy took to social media to share her condition, citing that she had lung cancer despite never being an active smoker. The good news for Kathy was the disease was still in stage 1 and only occurred in her left lung.

“It’s a medical process that hopefully requires radio or chemotherapy. My breathing should also return to normal soon, and I should fully resume everyday activities in a few weeks. The past four years have been a challenging experience, especially with the chemo and radiation procedures. ” Despite her life-threatening condition, Kathy has still been upbeat about her situation. In a recent interview on the ABC channel, Griffen shared more insight with her fans into the case. She revealed that the medical condition also had a severe toll on her mental health, and she got addicted to prescription drugs. The issue escalated so fast that Kathy contemplated taking her own life at some point. According to Kathy, her consolation point would be that she was not an alcoholic or drug addict. She believed that taking the prescription pills occasionally would not impact her health. However, the drugs started taking a toll on her mental well-being, especially in her decision-making abilities.

She then added, “it almost seems like a bad dream, with some humor to it, and one day, this will all be a make-up for some serious comedy.” She missed her ability to make people laugh because it gave her a sense of purpose in life. The health condition had robbed her of the thing she loved most, and she was not ready for such a struggle. She was used to giving people good feelings and making the world a better place. However, determination and support from family members such as her husband, Kathy, have been able to get her life back on track. It was just a stage in life where she had to work up her mental strength and realize the health issues are a normal part of life. She also said, “Whether I like it or not, my aim is still to be a tough survivor in this world. I will take any stones life can throw at me with some laughter.” While she has since recovered from the condition, it has considerably impacted her quality of life. Kathy remains optimistic, and it’s up to her fans to keep motivating her to look at the positive aspects life has to offer.