It’s no secret that President Joe Biden is from Delaware. He was the state’s long-serving senator before becoming vice president under Obama. Biden owns a home in Delaware, as well as a beachfront property. Watchdogs, on the other hand, have discovered that Biden will utilize money from the Department of Homeland Security to construct a security fence surrounding the president and first lady’s residence to keep them safe.

Critics are now calling on Biden to allocate Department of Homeland Security funds toward the half-completed border wall along the US-Mexico border. Because illegal immigrants have not decreased in number since Trump’s presidency came to an end, critics feel that drastic measures are required to keep individuals from streaming into America every day.

According to the most recent data, over 1.7 million undocumented immigrants have entered the United States via the Mexican border so far this year. This is the greatest number of unlawful immigrants through the US-Mexican border since at least 1960, according to Daily Mail.

The Bidens frequently travel to their home in Delaware. In 1986, Biden spent $350,000 on a four-acre plot of land in Delaware. The property is 6,850 square feet and provides the Bidens with plenty of room to spread out.

Biden’s property updates to his Delaware beach house have been seized on by conservative commentators, including Fox News, to make a political point.

“While Joe Biden refuses to secure America’s southern border, he is building walls around his vacation home,” said Fox News host Jesse Watters. “Maybe walls do work after all.”

According to the latest statistics, as of September, there were 1.7 million apprehensions at the southern border. 192,001 migrants were apprehended at the border in September, down from 210,000 in August and 214,000 in July. Many of those attempting to cross into Mexico are children. According to the latest statistics, only about 59% of the 192,000 people who entered in September were adults, suggesting that over 60,000 children are trying to get into the United States so they may obtain better chances. People do not want them to enter, though.

Biden has replaced the summer house in Delaware where he had stopped the construction of Trump’s wall. The property is situated around 100 miles outside of Wilmington in the affluent seaside community of Rehoboth Beach. Biden has only visited his summer home as president twice, both times to celebrate Jill Biden’s 70th birthday.

On September 21, 2021, the fence surrounding Joe Biden’s vacation home was erected. The contract for the project states that it should be completed by the end of the year. A family-owned business is carrying out the work. The president’s summer house is being built by Turnstone Holdings.

During Trump’s single term in office, he frequently abandoned work in Washington D.C. to mingle with celebrities and world leaders at his family’s resorts, Mar-a-Lago, Florida in the winter and Bedminster Golf Club, New Jersey, which he would frequently visit during the summer.