A baby girl is a joy for every mother. Even if the parents have a boy or a girl, there is still a different sense of anticipation when it’s a girl. You get to dress her, style her hair, purchase her cute dresses and hair clasps, and even share cosmetics with her as she gets older.

When Cheryl Wharton’s daughter was born with Down syndrome, she was devastated. She understood that there was a lot of prejudice towards children who had Down syndrome. For hours, Mrs. Wharton wept until accepting the sad truth, at which point she and her husband, John, altered their viewpoint.

Cheryl stated, “We got up the next morning and said, ‘She might have Down syndrome, but she’s still going to be our baby.’ And from that point on we just have celebrated every part of her.”

The Wharton’s were not the first ones to rejoice at the birth of Grace. Grace was a joyful toddler, and they never expected her to be so popular even in school. Despite her condition, she became the center of attention. Instead of wondering about how different she was from others, she gathered a large number of friends.

Her parents were concerned that she would not be able to live with the challenges of life. However, she proved them wrong.

She is doing amazing. Her mom stated, “She just does things at her own pace. I would say Grace’s biggest struggle is probably her speech. People with Down Syndrome have low muscle tone, which also affects the muscles in their mouths. Grace is talking, which we are thrilled about. Sometimes she is hard to understand, but she gets there in the end. And hopefully, her speech continues to improve,” says Cheryl.”

Ms. Charlotte Williams, Grace’s teacher, stated that teaching this youngster is a pleasure.She said, “I’m really lucky because I’ve had Grace in my class for two years now,” says Williams. “Grace is probably the most popular member of class 5. Everybody wants to be Grace’s friend. She astounds me on a day-to-day basis. She is a bundle of energy and is fiercely independent.”

When she was chosen for a modeling contract at the age of five, her career took off. Her mother saw a Facebook ad looking for individuals with disabilities and suggested that she look into it. When Cheryl inquired, they immediately offered to bring Grace to a photoshoot. Her mother stated that Grace attended the photo shoot; she arrived in the room and twerked in front of everyone! This prompted a round of laughter throughout the entire room.

Grace was hired by Zebedee Management, an organization with a goal to promote persons with disabilities in the fashion, television, advertising and even film industries. The client and agency’s creator, Cara Johnson, said that they knew Grace would be fantastic as soon as they saw her. She stated that Grace was adorable and full of happiness in this position. They decided to hire her because she is one of their success stories, according to Cara Johnson, the agency’s co-founder.

Grace is particularly pleased when her photographs are taken. She is now assisting in telling the tale and raising public awareness about thousands of children with Down syndrome who are born each year.