They’re saying arrivederci to a cherished institution. After an impressive 91-year run, the iconic Hollywood Restaurant in Auburn, New York, is closing its doors. This beloved Italian-American eatery has been a cornerstone of the community, serving generations of families since it first opened in 1933.

The restaurant, founded during the Great Depression by Dan and Rose Cecora, has been a family-run operation for its entire existence. The current owner, Joe Colella Jr., took the reins from his parents in 1983 and has decided that it’s finally time to hang up his apron. At 67 years old, Colella believes it’s the right moment to step back, even though the business remains as bustling as ever.

“I’m not getting any younger,” Colella told The Post. “We’re busy, we’re good, we could continue for another 40 years, but it’s time.” His announcement was met with a wave of emotion from the local community, who have long considered Hollywood Restaurant a second home.

Colella first shared the news of the restaurant’s closure in an emotional Facebook post, expressing gratitude for the decades of support and the countless memories made within its walls. “Our restaurant has been in business for over 90 years,” he wrote. “We are at the end of a multi-generational journey.”

The outpouring of love and nostalgia from the community was immediate and heartfelt. Residents of Auburn, located near the Finger Lakes, flooded the comments section with messages of appreciation and sorrow. One longtime patron shared, “This breaks my heart. I’ve been going 33 years [with] my family. An amazing restaurant that filled those with food and love. So thankful to have been able to experience it as long as we have.”

Another local reminisced, “A favorite childhood Christmas memory will always be the animated elves in the restaurant windows. It was so exciting to see them at Christmastime. Wish I could return to the simpler times. Thanks for serving Auburn for so many decades.”

Hollywood Restaurant’s legacy is deeply woven into the fabric of Auburn. From hosting family celebrations to being a beloved spot for birthdays and anniversaries, it has been more than just a place to eat; it has been a gathering place for the community. The original 1933 liquor license, a relic from the year Prohibition ended, still hangs on the wall, a testament to the restaurant’s rich history.

The final night of business is set for Saturday, June 29, marking the end of an era. As the Colella family looks forward to the next chapter of their lives, they leave behind a legacy of hard work, dedication, and a deep connection to their community. “Friendships, marriages, and thousands of family events have revolved around our dining room floors,” Colella reflected. “These things are a source of pride and happiness for us all.”

In a world that often changes too quickly, Hollywood Restaurant has been a steadfast pillar of tradition and warmth. As Auburn says goodbye to this beloved eatery, the memories and impact of Hollywood Restaurant will live on in the hearts of all who walked through its doors. Here’s to 91 years of cherished moments and the lasting legacy of a family who poured their hearts into serving their community.