The new lunch-themed emoji puzzle has spectators stumped.

The goal is to solve an emoji-based equation.

The “veggie illusion” began on TikTok, shared by user @puzzlegame21.

The first math problem consists of three taco emoticons that are added together to equal 60.

The second calculation explains that the total number of three salad emoticons is 30.

The sum of three cucumber emojis is 24 after the third line.

The third and final equation is left for the viewer to solve, with a time limit of 20 seconds to show their smarty pants-ness.

The goal of the puzzle is for the player to figure out each emoji’s worth, and one must use the preceding equations to get an answer.

The final remark is: “[Taco emoji] + [cucumber emoji] x [salad emoji] = ???

Because all activities have been added up, players have assumed the last puzzle question is one of adding. The solution would be 38 because each taco is worth 20, the salad is worth 10, and the cucumber is worth 8.

However, this is not correct because the calculation was complicated by the multiplication sign.

Scroll down to find out the solution!

100 is the correct answer to the calculation problem.

Where are you supposed to go? To find out how much money you’ll need, multiply the cucumber’s (8) and salad’s (10) values — which equal 80 — and then add the taco’s value (20).

The equation is as follows: 20 + (10 x 8), after which 20 + 80 = 100, following PEMDAS’ mathematical order of operations.

If you enjoy food-inspired brain teasers, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s an illusion designed to reveal the hidden nuts.