In a recent public appearance following her most recent round of plastic surgery, Australia’s renowned “human Barbie” proudly showcased her updated look during an eventful shopping spree in Melbourne. The 33-year-old Tara Jayne, famously recognized for her extensive plastic surgery endeavors, underwent a new nose job, and her emergence into the public eye marked her highly-anticipated debut since the surgical enhancement.

While primarily recognized within Australia, the “human Barbie” has achieved international fame through her unyielding commitment to plastic surgery, which has required substantial financial investment. Embracing her unique sense of style, the starlet graced the public with her presence, adorned in a vibrant fur coat, confidently navigating the chilly city streets.

Jayne, who also works as a nurse, made a fashion statement during her shopping excursion, combining a daring low-cut top that accentuated her cleavage with leather pants for an edgy appeal. Completing her ensemble, the human Barbie donned a baker boy cap and carried a Yves Saint Laurent bag, elegantly draped over her shoulder.

The plastic surgery aficionado previously shared her transformative journey on E!’s Botched, where she underwent an estimated $200,000 worth of cosmetic procedures. During her recent shopping spree, she adorned herself with a generous amount of makeup. Her cosmetic journey includes five breast augmentation surgeries, six nose jobs, and numerous sessions of Botox and filler treatments, predominantly focusing on her lips and cheeks.

In August 2021, Jayne participated in the Australian documentary series, Mirror Mirror, which delved into the lives of individuals consumed by their fascination with plastic surgery. Describing herself as an “upgraded limited-edition Barbie doll,” she expressed her dissatisfaction with her size E-cup breasts, harboring a desire for further augmentation.

“I think I want to get my boobs bigger,” she candidly admitted during the Australian documentary.

Prior to her appearance on Mirror Mirror, Tara Jayne sought the expertise of renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow on the E! series Botched, in an attempt to convince them to provide her with even larger breast implants. Sharing her aspirations with the producers of the show, she expressed her disappointment with her current 540 CC breast implants, yearning for a more substantial enhancement.

Regrettably, the show’s doctors declined her request for further surgery, raising concerns about her well-being due to her dangerously low weight of just over one hundred pounds. They emphasized the importance of her achieving both physical and mental health before considering additional procedures.

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