Parents everywhere know how challenging it can be to keep their children safe, but even the best efforts can sometimes fail. That was the case in a recent incident in Asia where a father lost his balance, fell backwards and accidentally killed his son.

The event, which was captured on CCTV footage, occurred as the father and son were entering a supermarket. The boy was directly behind his dad who was holding him with both hands. Once across the door threshold, the father seemed to trip over something, causing him to fall backwards and land directly on top of his son.

The video showed the boy’s neck being crushed by his father’s body. According a report from the Daily Mirror, the boy was rushed to a hospital where he later died.

It is not known exactly where the video had originated from, but the store appeared to be somewhere in Asia.The video went viral online and drew a large number of comments from concerned parents.

While the incident was a freak accident, it does serve as a cautionary tale regarding how small children should walk with their parents. The tragedy was also reported on Guangzhou Broadcast Network in China.