It seemed like a day that was going to be wonderful. Everything was beautiful, the flowers were set, and the post-wedding reception was fully prepared with great food and good times about to be spent by people who loved the bride and groom-to-be.

Evan was standing there at the altar waiting for his bride to approach so that they could be wed, and she started to walk down the aisle as beautiful as could be.

However, everything seemed to take a turn for the worse when, left standing at the altar, Evan watched his bride turn to walk away.

He thought it was going to be a beautiful wedding day full of love and joy in Dublin, Georgia, but his deepest fears which had mounted earlier that day appeared to be coming to fruition as his bride-to-be walked away from the altar.

Wouldn’t you know the surprise and gladness that he felt when she turned back.

Then the music came on–a song that describes a great love never to end–and Evan’s bride began to “sing” the song to him in wonderful American Sign Language.

You see, Evan is deaf. However, he can read lips fairly well, so when his bride turned back to look at the altar, she told Evan to watch her hands. As they began to ebb and flow with the music of the song and the passionate words that she was signing to him, Evan became overwhelmed with love for his bride-to-be and this moment that she was giving to him.

In the end, it truly was a beautiful day!

Source: Groom Is Lost For Words As Bride Walks Away, Now Make Sure You Keep Your Eyes On Her Hands by internetroi on Rumble