At its core, a wedding is all about love. However, let’s not forget that weddings are also a time to get down and boogie. What fun would it be without music and dancing?

On a wedding day, some brides choose to do the first dance with their groom but there are also father/daughter and mother/son dances. In more upbeat cases, the whole bridal party joins in on the dancing—those celebrations are always the best!

The Hooley School of Irish Dance in Lancaster, Pennsylvania put on an unbelievable show for Gretchen’s wedding that had everyone asking for more. If you’re ever looking for dance entertainment for a wedding or other event, we highly recommend checking out this company!

An empty dance floor quickly becomes full of energy as two skilled dancers groove to Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” You won’t believe the moves these ladies can make!

A few moments later, two other girls dressed in the same black attire come and join them on stage. Then? Five more girls enter to join, all keeping in perfect sync with the others. The dancers continue to impress the audience with their elegant footwork, while Gretchen and her groom look on in awe.

The Irish jig was amazing and the crowd loved it, especially when the bride joined in at the end. She ditched her heels and rolled up her dress to dance at the wedding, and it was awesome!

Seeing a bride on her wedding day, all dressed up and performing such elegant moves is one of the best site experiences. People were going wild—they thought they were just there for the wedding vows and cake but got an incredibly enchanting show. They clapped and cheered as loudly as they could at the end.

Watch the entire dance in the video below!

What are your thoughts on this wedding dance? Would you ever perform a jig like this at your own wedding?