A woman in Mexico had gradually gained several pounds over the period of a few months. At first, she thought she may be pregnant, but other symptoms of pregnancy were not there and after many more months, it was apparent there was no baby in her uterus.

Living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Mercedes Telemontes didn’t believe in going to doctors. Her stomach had grown to enormous proportions. After five long years and her weight nearly doubled, her daughter finally convinced her to see a physician.

When her abdomen swelled to a grossly abnormal size, her daughter insisted on taking her to the hospital. When she did, the doctors were shocked at the size of her belly and after examination, she was rushed into surgery at Cabo San Lucas IMSS Hospital.

There, surgeons removed an ovarian tumor that weighed an astounding 132 pounds. The tumor spread from her ovaries into her abdominal cavity where it was left to grow unchecked for five years.

Without surgical intervention at this time, Mercedes was in danger of death due because of the strain of the tumor on her circulatory and respiratory systems.

Surgeons there believe this is the largest ovarian tumor ever removed from a patient. How does Mercedes feel now?

She feels like she was “walking on air”. A euphemism for sure, but literal as well, as nearly half her body weight had been reduced by removing the massive tumor.