On June 27th 2019, Fire Truck number 16 was dispatched for a fire emergency in Atlanta for an assignment of a primary search on the first floor of a residential house. When the fire fighter crew was still in preparation on how to carry out the duty at hand, one of the crew members jumped into action which lacked accountability and did not adhere to the crew set integrity and was considered a freelance action. The Atlanta Fire Department Fire Captain Danny Dwyer went out of his way by randomly trying to save an elderly woman, 94-year-old Sally Skrine who was trapped inside her house when the house caught fire and there was no one who could have rescued her. Although Danny managed to pull the elderly woman out of the burning house through one of the windows, she later passed on due to the injuries that she had incurred in the process. Unfortunately, the Fire Department did not take the action lightly because Dwyer did not follow the right procedure that any other fire fighter is supposed to follow, and that is waiting for the rest of the crew to come to the scene of the accident.

As a result, Captain Danny Dwyer was suspended with no pay, as punishment of not following the set out rules, which some of his co-workers did not think was right. According to one of the neighbors of Sally Skrine, Vincent Parker, he recalls the victim as a valuable member of their community who attended Jackson Memorial Church and even had a food bank service that she offered to the community. During the rescue, Victor was so excited when Dwyer stepped in and tried to save Sally and saw that as a heroic act that not many would have done. He also understood why the Fire Captain Danny did not adhere to the Fire Department rules of waiting for the rest of the crew to enter the seen together with him, because in such instances rules and regulations are the last things that any person with a heroic heart would think of, rather the first thing that comes to mind is the quickest way to rescue a victim in such a situation. The conclusion of the fire department caught Vincent as a surprise, for he thought that the department could have also seen him as a hero who tried all he could to help.

Later on WSB-TV received a statement after the incidence from Atlanta Fire Department; “The disciplinary process for the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department is designed to encourage safety and order. It also seeks to establish clear expectations in both emergency and non-emergency situations.”. The community later requested a withdrawal of the suspension of Captain Danny Dwyer because it saw it as a heroic act to and actually applauded Dwyer for his action. Some friends of Dwyer came together and opened a GoFundMe page for contribution that was meant to be given to Dwyer, when it came to his knowledge he gave a conclusion that he would give the donated funds to charity after he received the funds.