Epoch Everlasting Play, a toy manufacturer based in New Jersey, regretfully announces the recall of 3.2 million Calico Critters after two children tragically passed away due to choking on small parts of these toys.

The renowned Calico Critters brand has recalled three sets – Nursery Friends Set, Hopscotch Rabbit Family Set, and Lakeside Lodge Set – which were sold in both the US and Canada from 2009-2020.

Following reports of two children tragically dying from choking on small parts of the toys, the company was compelled to make a decision: recall the product. These occurrences occurred in 2012 and 2018 respectively, though it wasn’t until recently that they became aware of these fatalities.

Epoch Everlasting Play CEO Michael Tam said, “We are devastated by these events and our hearts go out to the families affected by these tragedies. We want to assure our customers that we take product safety very seriously and are taking every step necessary to ensure that our products are safe and compliant with all applicable regulations.”

Epoch Everlasting Play is demanding that customers quit using the recalled toys straight away and reach out to them for either a refund or replacement. They have also launched a separate website, along with a toll-free number so consumers can easily gain more details about this recall.

Epoch Everlasting Play’s call to recall its Sylvanian Families toy sets due to a choking hazard posed by small parts in 2018 is not their only instance of corrective action. Fortunately, no injuries or fatalities have been noted as associated with the crisis.

Product safety advocates are urging consumers to be vigilant about checking for potential hazards when purchasing toys for their children. Small parts, magnets, and batteries are among the most common choking hazards in toys.

Here in the US, we have the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) making sure all consumer products – including toys – are safe for use. The CPSC has published guidelines to help parents identify age-appropriate toys and be aware of potential choking hazards when purchasing children’s items.

The CPSC implored consumers to inspect their homes for any recalled Calico Critters toys and get in touch with Epoch Everlasting Play as soon as possible if they own any of the affected products, offering either a replacement or refund.

This landmark recall serves as a wake-up call to us all, reminding us of the significance of product safety and how even seemingly harmless toys can be fraught with danger. Everyone is encouraged to remain vigilant in order to identify hazards before they arise, and urged to report any suspicious activity accordingly.

Epoch Everlasting Play is collaborating with the CPSC to diligently take all appropriate safety precautions concerning their products. The company has also vowed to continuously hold itself accountable and keep up the highest standards of product safety going forward.