It isn’t every day that you witness a medical emergency unfold in real life. It also isn’t every day that you witness a brave citizen comes to the rescue to save someone’s very life in your place of work. For Pedro Viloria, this situation became a reality during one of his everyday shifts at McDonald’s. Pedro Viloria is a certified hero at the young age of only twenty-five. He was just working one of his regular shifts at the McDonald’s pick=up window of the drive-thru when a customer pulled up to purchase dinner for her kids. This particular customer was actually an off-duty police officer who visiting McDonald’s off the clock with her family. When she went to pull up to the pick up window at McDonald’s, instead of stopping at the window, her car cruised right by the pickup window and her children began yelling. It was at this moment that Viloria realized something wasn’t right. He did not call an ambulance, he did not alert his supervisor, and he certainly did not remain complacent. Viloria was born to be a hero and he jumped right out of the drop off window to run to the car.

He stopped the car and made sure the children were okay first. A Fire-Rescue Officer was also inside the McDonald’s at the time and ran to the woman’s aide, too. He described the incident as going into “hero mode.” He says he would have died to save the woman. Together with the off-duty Fire-Rescue Officer, and the ambulance who came to the scene, this team helped rescue the woman and helped her to return to health. The citizens waited for an ambulance to arrive to bring the woman to the hospital for care.

The video of this incident became very famous when it first became viral in the year 2017. The security cameras that monitor the inside of the drive-thru area of McDonald’s captured all of this incident right on film. So many people viewed the video and countless individuals were inspired greatly by Viloria’s heroic actions. In the video, he is seen jumping through the window, just like a superhero. It is obvious in the video that Viloria did not hesitate to help in whatever way was possible in order to save this woman. His valiancy is visible through his actions on camera. After the incident, the woman recovered to her full health. More than 2.8 million people have seen the video of this incident to date on the YouTube app. 24,000 people have stated that they liked the video. What’s more, there are 1.3 thousand people who left comments praising the hero for his work. Viloria gave us a stunning example in this incident of just what a true hero is.