Cyndi Lauper’s electrifying performance at Glastonbury on Saturday faced unexpected challenges as sound issues plagued her set, leaving many festival-goers straining to hear her iconic vocals. The 71-year-old music legend, known for timeless hits like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” encountered difficulties early on, with her voice often drowned out by overpowering bass.

The problems surfaced during her rendition of “Rocking Chair,” where she grappled with pitch and timing. Although the sound troubles seemed momentarily resolved by the time she belted out “I Drove All Night,” they resurfaced during the poignant ballad “Time After Time,” possibly exacerbated by malfunctioning in-ear monitors.

Throughout the performance, Cyndi signaled to the production team on the Pyramid stage sidelines, indicative of ongoing technical challenges. Despite these setbacks, she powered through, buoyed by a supportive crowd that enthusiastically sang along to classics such as “True Colors” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Disappointed fans took to social media to vent their frustration over the sound mishaps. Comments ranged from “Awful sound issues for Cyndi Lauper. Really felt for her,” to “@CyndiLauper was really let down by the sound system at @Glastonbury. Couldn’t hear her vocals but could see the effort she was putting in.”

However, amidst the technical adversity, Cyndi’s professionalism and enduring charm shone through, earning praise from admirers who described her performance as “magic” and “fabulous.” One fan tweeted, “Watching Cyndi Lauper right now and she still has the magic.”

Amidst her set, Cyndi seized the moment to advocate for women’s rights, delivering a passionate plea for global gender equality. “It is time that world leaders understand that women are half the population of the world, and we deserve to be treated equally,” she affirmed, garnering cheers from the crowd.

Dressed in a striking ensemble comprising a silver corset, matching trousers, and a ruffled blue coat, Cyndi captivated the audience with her signature flair. She engaged with the vast crowd, acknowledging their presence with heartfelt remarks. “How are you doing? I see you. I love you. You are everywhere,” she declared, fostering a deep connection with her fans.

Opening her set with the nostalgic track “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough,” Cyndi later showcased her versatility by playing the recorder during her 2008 hit “The Nightlife,” adding a whimsical touch to her performance.

MailOnline reached out to Glastonbury for comment on the sound issues during Cyndi’s set, reflecting the widespread concern among attendees.

Later in the day, actor Russell Crowe delighted fans at the Acoustic Stage with a heartfelt performance, encouraging a sing-along that resonated throughout the venue. Dressed in a navy shirt and smart black blazer, Crowe’s presence added to the festival’s eclectic lineup of talents.

Meanwhile, actor Andy Serkis showcased his musical chops at the West Holts stage, captivating the audience with his saxophone skills alongside a violinist, sporting a distinctive white and black patterned shirt and blue-tinted glasses.

Despite the technical hurdles, Cyndi Lauper’s resilience and enduring talent were evident, leaving a lasting impression on fans who were captivated by her unwavering stage presence and musical prowess at Glastonbury.