What are some of the most important factors that you consider when looking for a home or renting an apartment? Do you have a certain requirement regarding the number of bedrooms and bathrooms? Is it square footage, maybe? Or does the location of your desired property matter more than anything else? After finding a house for sale near a golf course, one family was ecstatic. However, after they moved in, they discovered that the home was continually struck by golf balls, causing it to be damaged again and again and again.

Until they learned that their house near the golf course was constantly being hit by stray golf balls, Erik and Athina were enthralled with it. Although they recognized that golf players might occasionally strike their home with the oddball because it was located near the fifteenth tee, they never anticipated it would get so damaged after moving in.

If the Tenczars had known that their property would be bombarded with golf balls, they never would have purchased the home along the course. After living there for four years and having their house struck numerous times, they filed a lawsuit against the golf course to seek compensation for all of the damage and inconvenience caused to them.

The family’s lawyer, Robert Galvin, spoke to NBC News about the lawsuit and why the family thought it was necessary to sue over the golf course.

“They thought they were buying golf-course view property, and what they ended up buying was a golf-course in-play property. It was apparent to anyone that this house was going to be struck as repeatedly as this one was. They would have never bought this property.”

Golf balls caused a lot of destruction to the house. They broke windows, knocked siding off from the exterior and also did damage inside the home. For example, one came through a window and sent glass flying everywhere; it was very traumatic for the children who witnessed it. They never felt safe in their own home again after that.

The family sued the country club after Galvin advised them to do so. The family was awarded five million dollars in damages because it had been misled when purchasing the property, according to a court decision. The home was in Massachusetts’ New England region.

No one wants to purchase a house that is flawed. Unfortunately, the Tenczars bought a home that was too close to a tee location at the nearby country club. Their home was bombarded with golf balls and windows were often shattered, and other things on the property were broken.

Considering the struggles the family had to endure because of their location next to the golf course, do you think they deserve the $5 million payout?