Summertime has always been associated with an extreme increase in heat. It is for this reason that people consider having outdoor activities, including swimming, to cool off. To increase comfort in homes, most people have all types of cooling systems installed. One of the most common is the electrical fan. Unlike the air conditioner, it is cost-effective and does not consume as much energy. Fan improve sleep patterns for several people since they facilitate the cooling effect and produce white noise, which eliminates any sounds when sleeping. However, after extensive research, it has been found that the use of fans as a cooling system when sleeping causes health problems. On this website, you can get insight into some of the health problems associated with sleeping with a fan in your room.

Those with asthmatic or allergic conditions are the most vulnerable to the side effects of fan use while sleeping. During the circulation of fan blades, it is not only air that is circulated. When the room has dust or pollen, they also get distributed in the room. As a result, they get trapped in one’s sinuses, making their conditions even worse. Therefore, one may end up with an adverse respiratory disease or even have fatal results like death. Fans are also some of the primary causes of sinuses in many people. However, not only those with respiratory conditions face health dangers associated with sleeping with your fans. Fans are also known to drive away moisture when circulating. As a result, one is bound to experience dry skin since the body cannot retain its moisture due to blocked sweat pores. The skin ends up being constantly dry. One is bound to experience constant headaches since dry skin also results in body dehydration. Since you will be asleep, replenishing your body fluids at the moment is challenging.

Some also tend to sleep with their eyes and mouth partially open. Sleeping with the fan while it’s pointed towards your face eliminates the moisture from your eyes and mouth. Therefore, the quality of your sleep is affected, making you experience insomnia. Besides, when your eyes and mouth are dry at any point, you get vulnerable to certain infections. You may start experience eye health problems after long-term use of the electric fan. Dry mouths also end up forming wounds. Other than the dry mouth and eyes, you also experience stiffness of muscles the moment you wake up. Such stiffness may also hinder one from getting quality sleep. When exposed to cool air concentrated in one place for a period, the muscles become tense. One, therefore, wakes up with muscles that are cramping, hence the derived quality sleep pattern. Being active during the day in their work or even school becomes a hassle for such a person. For a lot of people, the impact of using fans when sleeping is never known. As a result, their ignorance causes them to experience health effects they would have otherwise avoided later. When the electric fan is still new and has high-quality performance, one may find it the best cooling system. However, if you decide to stick to electric fans, you should be conscious of their maintenance. Fans that have operated for a while may need to be upgraded, especially if the dust or pollen accumulated in their blades cannot be removed.