When most people see an elderly person eating a meal at a restaurant, they either leave the person alone as it’s usually not often that the person even gets out and away from home to enjoy a meal or offer to pay for the meal as many people know that the elderly don’t have a lot of money.

One woman was enjoying a meal at Denny’s, not thinking anything was wrong. The manager left quite a horrible note on her receipt for no reason at all. The woman had experienced an issue with her esophagus. It prevented her from eating like she used to, but her daughter thought that it would be nice to have a meal at the restaurant like they once did.

The woman had already had surgery on her esophagus, so she wasn’t feeling like her normal self when she entered the restaurant.Since having the surgery done, the woman would cough at times and even choke on her food.

She felt embarrassed about coughing, but the meal was enjoyed. A note on the bottom of the receipt read “Add $15 for life alert button.” The woman’s mother talked to the manager’s supervisor and was told that the manager would be punished for his actions.

However, he couldn’t be fired because of how long he had been with the company and his position. The woman and her daughter were reimbursed for the cost of the meal and given a gift card to use at Denny’s.