Family is everything. However, at certain times, a person’s need for love, care, and attention may be met by others outside of their immediate family. One’s family might let one down at times, leaving one to seek assistance from people around whether they are related or not. At such periods, it’s possible that you’ll come to the conclusion that love can be found elsewhere than your own family.

On his 61st birthday, an elderly gentleman came to learn this lesson. The man was observed in Boca del Rio Mexico, personally setting up his own birthday party. The other guests at the restaurant watched with interest as the single individual continued to set up tables, beautiful streamers, and even lay down birthday hats.

The man set up the table like he was expecting his children, grandchildren, and the rest of his family. Most people thought it was strange that none of his relatives were there to help him. But things were about to get sadder.

His phone began to ring shortly after that. He’d just received a text message. Nobody knew what was in the note he’d just read, but it became clear as soon as he finished reading it that it was terrible news. His countenance and mood altered drastically, and everyone noticed how sorrowful he had become.

The only logical interpretation was that no one was coming to celebrate his birthday with him. It’s terribly unfortunate when you put in so much effort only to be met with loneliness and isolation in the end.

The old man, however, wasn’t ready to give up just yet; it was his birthday and he decided to give the party one last try. After being disappointed by all of his family members, he tried reaching out for affection from strangers seated all around him in the restaurant.

He summoned a grace and power that was only available to someone of his age and experience, and he requested the bystanders for a heartbreaking favor.

“Please excuse me, but can I have your attention? Today is my birthday, I’m turning 61 years old and I wanted to celebrate with my family. I’ve been waiting for my children and grandchildren, but nobody has come,” he said. At this point, his voice cracked and he had to take a moment to compose himself before continuing.

“Anyone who wants to can come to sit with me and celebrate my birthday. I would also be forever grateful for a little birthday song,” he continued.

Upon hearing his birthday speech, everyone in the restaurant spontaneously stood up from their seats to join him in giving the 61st birthday of his dreams. Not only did he get a heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday,” but this old man got a cake and even a party was thrown in his honor. Everyone left their table and joined forces to wish him well on such an occasion, reaffirming that there are still people who will show you love unconditionally, even when your own family might let you down.

Family may be unpredictable at times, but there will always be kind individuals who can assist those in need. You should also try to become one of them.