Volunteer rescuers from the Animal Aid Unlimited organization arrived on the scene of a dog stuck in a very deep well outside Udaipur, India, and the dog has a heart-wrenching reaction upon seeing the rescuers who came to save her.

Immediately, the dog begins whining and shaking as the rescuers call reassuringly down to her. One rescuer was strapped carefully into a harness. Using ropes and the harness, he was lowered down into the deep well. After a slow descent, the rescuer reached the distressed dog. He gently pet her and wrapped her in a blanket. During this time the dog whined and cried with joy and gratitude.

Her human-like reaction to the rescuer is tear-jerking for anyone to watch. The rescuer took a few minutes in the well with the dog to prepare her for the ascent out of the well. He keeps the dog wrapped in a blanket as the other rescuers pull them both up and out of the well.

The dog is received with love and pets from the other rescuers. This rescue is heartwarming with both its happy ending and kindness. The bond between humans and animals is apparent in this rescue and will leave anyone with a smile on their face.

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