Many people have heard of conjoined twins, a rare condition that only occurs in 1,000 United States births per year.

This term is used to describe two babies who share one body. Conjoined twins face a lot of medical hardships, which is why there are surgeons who specialize in separating babies like these though the procedures are very risky. Conjoined twins are rare, but a set of triplets where two are conjoined is even more rare.

That is exactly what happened in the Garrison family.

The third triplet was born healthy, but the other two were conjoined. Some conjoined twins are easier to separate than others, but the Garrisons’ doctors felt Mackenzie and Macy had a fighting chance. So the Garrison family decided to take the risk.

It was a very stressful time, but the girls pulled through. Each of the conjoined twins has a prosthetic leg and underwent a lot of physical therapy, but they both survived and are now thriving.

All three of the Garrison triplets are healthy and share a very close bond.

They all ride horses and lead a normal life. The third triplet is larger than the other two, due to their previous health complications, but overall all three are doing very well. They even get to share the bragging rights for being part of one of the rarest births in the world.

More information on these remarkable Garrison triplets can be found on the Discovery Channel, complete with a video of their early years.