In a surprising turn of events, Disney star Rachel Zegler has shifted her stance on the beloved classic, “Snow White.” Previously critical of the adaptation in which she played the lead role, Zegler is now singing praises for the original animated film, aligning herself with the cherished sentiments of conservatives.

Just a few months ago, Zegler faced backlash from across the globe as she publicly criticized Disney’s “Snow White,” using typical feminist talking points to condemn the cherished cartoon. Her disdain for the timeless tale of Snow White and her seven dwarf companions was unmistakable.

However, in a recent interview with Variety, Zegler had a change of heart, referring to the original “Snow White” as a “beloved” masterpiece and highlighting its profound cultural significance. She went on to say, “The cartoon is a monumental moment in film history. It’s the first feature-length animated movie, which earned it honorary Oscars. All the incredible accomplishments of this film paved the way for Disney to become the entertainment powerhouse it is today.”

During the interview, Zegler was joined by fellow Disney star Halle Bailey, both of whom have faced scrutiny for their roles in recent Disney adaptations, including “The Little Mermaid.” The conversation revolved around the challenges they encountered due to the criticism of their films and the unconventional casting choices made by their respective directors.

Addressing her previous criticism, Zegler stated firmly, “It’s not 1937 anymore. We’ve reimagined ‘Snow White’—she won’t be rescued by a prince, and her dreams won’t revolve around true love. Instead, she’ll aspire to be a strong leader, realizing her full potential.”

Zegler emphasized that she held these beliefs since her early years, recalling, “I watched it once as a child and never revisited it. I’m completely serious about that.”

Currently, Rachel Zegler is busy filming the prequel to the popular young adult book series, “The Hunger Games.” Her star has been on the rise in recent years, with this being her second high-profile film in 2023. Despite the online criticism she receives, she remains unfazed, expressing gratitude for her experiences, saying, “It’s made me resilient, like Teflon. Nothing can hurt me anymore because I’ve heard it all. I’m thankful for the love in my life. Our work speaks for itself.”

Zegler’s newfound appreciation for the classic “Snow White” marks a significant departure from her earlier stance. As she continues to evolve as an actress, her journey provides a glimpse into the complexities of modern cinema and the enduring allure of timeless tales.

In conclusion, Rachel Zegler’s pivot from criticism to admiration for Disney’s “Snow White” serves as a reminder that even in an ever-changing world, some classics remain beloved for generations, aligning with conservative values of preserving tradition and heritage.